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What’s more important than how you administer the test is the part of your DNA that’s being examined by the lab.Each service we review here offers something a little different.Only males can take a Y-DNA test (you might recall from biology class that women don’t have a Y-chromosome).The Y-DNA test traces direct male-line ancestry — the majority of the Y-chromosome is transmitted from father to son with very little change.This testing reveals your direct maternal deep ancestry and which haplogroup you belong to.

You get the email addresses of your matches and can join targeted genealogical projects within their network. Although not related to ancestry, you don’t get medical-specific DNA results, like with 23and Me.Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) compares your autosomal DNA with 60 reference populations around the world including Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.We also recommend Family Tree DNA’s Autosomal test as the best ways to dig deeper into your ethnic background.They analyze your simple saliva test at more than 700,000 genetic markers to find your genetic matches and give you a breakdown of your ethnicity.Ancestry DNA suspended its Y-DNA and mt DNA testing, however, so you don’t have the ability to drill down as deep into your genetic profile and ancestry as you can with FTDNA, which still offers those tests. Ancestry DNA’s test identifies potential relatives through DNA matching.

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